About Us

What is Pledges.info?



Pledges.info is an interactive civic engagement in kenya website advocating for citizen’s constructive involvement in four main institutions of society i.e Governance, Education , Family and Economics.

A sustainable Kenyan society can only be achieved when we come together, take constructive action & eventually PLEDGE to make the difference. That’s how you become the change you want to see.

We push for Sustainable Development Goals i.e a set of goals to end povertyprotect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all which is a part of a new sustainable development global agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years worldwide.For the goals to be reached, everyone needs to do their part: governments, the private sector, civil society and people like you.




Smallest social unit with unique function of producing and rearing children.


Every society has to prepare its young people for a place in adult life and teach them societal values through a process called education.


The economy is the social institution responsible for the production and distribution of goods.


A government is an institution entrusted with making and enforcing the rules of a society as well as with regulating relations with other societies.


Any civilization is composed of people who live together with a unified goal of survival to form a society.For the society to thrive four main institutions must work namely Family, Education, Government and Economics.


That  means if there is a problem in the society, one or all these institutions are failing and if we can’t talk about them, then we are the problem.Active civic engagement becomes primal in solving our ailing thus impoverished society.


Civic engagement means working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference. It means promoting the quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes.

Civic engagement promotes self awareness, accountability and a more responsive society.



 ” I have news for you, there is no superman (its upto us)”

– Tom Mboya


Pledges.info advocates for constructive civic engagement in society through digital media by creating awareness of;


(a).What leadership is supposed to produce

(b).Civic responsibility of a member of society.

A leader pledges to be accountable & a member of society pledges to be active in constructive civic life.



“seeds of change”

Our society has two kinds of people; Those waiting for change & those that make the change.Arming ourselves with Knowledge, Courage then self expression, is the only way to eradicate chaos in our nation.



The informed society where citizens have the resources, education and skills to access and participate in the free flow of reliable &  useful information through a diverse range of platforms that empower them economically, socially and politically.


The Kenya Constitution is the supreme law of Kenya. It establishes the structure of the Kenyan government, and also defines the relationship between the government and the citizens of Kenya.