Dear Pledges

I heard your voice far away with your breathtaking promises

my gullible and credulous heart could not resist.
You wooed me like no man has ever done

You flattered me into bonding with you.
You looked like my missing rib, my mind told me you are the one.
If your pledges are chalice of virus, don’t defile my future

As the suns rises to devour darkness,
So does a new day dances to the rhythm of our hopes.

A birth of a promising nation

We clamour  for transportation means,

Oh! i will late courtesy of the snailing traffic!

We build the nation, they paint the nation

Hiked costs of living,  meagre earnings

We ride in turmoils of artificial, countless murky socio-economic potholes ,

Citizens swim in the rivers of unfulfilled pledges,

He pledged, she pledged, they pledged

instead of listening, we just heard

As I peruse pages of daily newspapers,

Trending twitter hashtags, facebook posts

Hatred headlines from selfish leaders graze my eyes,

moral corruption, Social dillusions,

Wicked theology robbing the masses

Wolves in sheep’s skin, blind leading the blind

Hallows of miserable citizens, internally bleeding

Rhetoric is the order, Speeches that causes air pollution

Tribalism, imperialism, chauvinism, nepotism,

Systems collapsing, destruction is inevitable

Adultery, insecurity, treachery, hypocrisy,

Corruption and discrimination ,Vices is all we feed on,

I saw him yesterday, he is now the past,

Grim reaper is coming, see you at the crossroads

Dear pledges, bail me out

Time and money invested in costly education system,

I chased the “bees” only to realize honey was bitter

Now am a looser burdened with  student loans
Doctrate certificate are trophies not life tools,

wasted past years, uncertain futures

changing times, same yardsticks

I now work 24/7 only to stay broke

Now i know, They programmed me for defeat

Dear pledges, bail me out


There is fire on the mountain, no one seems to be on the run

We are kings and queens whose thrones are broken like porcelain

We Play a loosing game, the solution is a mindset revolution

Trapped deep inside unmeasured depths of destruction

our integrity have price tags

we worship apathy,They siphon our souls,

I envision a nation where pristine pledges are the opium of the masses

Dear pledges, bail me out

Dear Leader, If your pledges ,

don’t know listen to my story, never attempt to write my history.
If you don’t consider my motives, say nothing about my actions.

If you have not felt my plight, don’t condemn my tears.
If you don’t know my ambition, don’t complain of my speed.
Understand my plights before you promise me,

Sincerely your’s